About Us

About Market Galee

"MarketGalee offers a cohesive platform to connect all parties of produce business in India. It helps normalizing produce market by creating a seamless access to any Farmers (growers) to connect directly with Trading Brokers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Consumers and vice-versa, by creating new transparent trade relationships and helping companies compete and grow"

MarketGalee Portal make available with single window service for all Agricultural related data and services, which contains Agri produce arrivals & prices, buy & sell trade offers, facility for responding to the trade offers, among other services.

Our Vision:

To be number 1 Produce Market Place for all parties of produce trade.

Our Mission:

Making produce trade easy and profitable for all farmers and other parties of produce trade.

This platform help normalizes the produce market

  • 1. Brokers can do business in more than one Demographic.
  • 2. Farmers can sell produce for better price.
  • 3. Consumers can buy from any source at right price.
  • 4. Over all Better picture of supply chain management flow.
  • 5. It will help the farmers to display their produce on-line with a secure payment gateway.

Transparent trade starts here

Market Galee aggregates produce market’s supply, demand, and pricing information to provide the farming industry the ability to manage the produce supply chain more efficiently.

As an electronic platform aimed at providing market transparency, Market Galee will allow all participants to share information (pricing data, product type, quantity, product description) with not only the direct consumer, but with each other .  This will allow a more efficient market, especially for Traders and Farmers.

What benefit will Market Galee bring?

  • Improve supply and demand transparency
  • Expand the buyer-and-seller network
  • Increase farmers’ revenues by providing them with demand information and more pricing options
  • Reduce pricing for buyers as there will be more purchasing options
  • Reduce food waste with more selling option.

Leadership Team

Zak Shaik


Ranju .S. Chougule


Shantanu Baraskar