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For Farmers

As it stands today in India, local farmers the agricultural market is dominated by larger  wholesale brokers/retailers that determine pricing and as a result help influence demand.  Given their scale, resources, and clout, these brokers/retailers dictate ultimately the price of produce.  The smaller local farmers have limited options available to sell their produce.

The current model makes it very difficult for the Farmer to connect directly to the consumer.

Typically, the way it works, Farmers for the most part of forced to sell to Agents/Brokers that are part of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC Market). In this Market, Farmers tend to sell their produce at below market rates.  While the Minimum price is enforced, Farmers are still forced to sell below market rates.  Those farmers that do not want to sell at the APMC Market, sell to the Processing Units, again, at lower than market prices.  As we can see, Farmers have a very difficult time selling directly to the consumer.

For Traders

  • Improve supply and demand transparency
  • Expand the buyer-and-seller network
  • Increase farmers’ revenues by providing them with demand information and more pricing options
  • Reduce pricing for buyers as there will be more purchasing options
  • Reduce food waste with more selling options

 As an electronic platform aimed at providing market transparency, Market Galee will allow all participants to share information (pricing data, product type, quantity, product description) with not only the direct consumer, but with each other.  This will allow a more efficient market, especially for Traders.

We are looking to launch the product using two mediums, one being the internet via a website, and the other being a 2-G app for the phone.  Both methods will allow buyers and sellers to list their desired quantity at a chosen purchase price.