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Place an offer to sell or buy on the platform and a large number of buyers or sellers will automatically be contacted for you.

Produce Trading Platform for Farmers

Experience real time and transparent produce market place. A platform designed with Integration of produce business network & technology.

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Produce Business in India

 & Enable more business opportunities in agri eco-system through integrated supply chain

Collaborative platform designed for the Integration of Agri business network & technology for leveraging Buyers, Sellers, Logistics & Packaging to deliver fresh produce in timely manner.


Improve buying option and expand the seller network.


Improve selling option and expand the buyers network.


Discover prospective logistic opportunities within eco system.


Discover prospective packaging opportunities within eco system.

Big Data Analytics to reduce price inefficiencies in Agri Trade

We discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns in Agri trade across India.

Cost Analyzer

A year-round planning tool for your Farm to know where you stand at any point of the season.

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MarketGalee Benefits

Online Agri Alliance

Contract farming arrangements of different types will be made available to farmers for both subsistence and commercial crops.

Trade Partnership

Build a strong farming & trading network to support each other with solid integration of logistics and packaging industry.

Better Pricing Options

Offering cashless solution for all parties in the produce eco system.