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Next-Gen Agriculture Trade in India and Market Galee

Posted By - Admin 29 September 2017

Indiadespite being the second largest agricultural producer in the world hasunfortunately been unable to provide a safe and secure future to its farmingcommunity. Suicides by farmers due to debt are often norms and forgottenheadlines every day. A focus group of 80 farmers in Belgaum by Market Galeeshowed that farming as livelihood for their kids is their last choice. They don’twant their kids to go through the same set of challenges with no silver lining.

With the digitalrevolution in India, the next generation has the tools to access theinformation. However, agriculture knowledge base in terms of access to marketat competitive prices is yet to be revolutionized. Market Galee does just that.It provides framers not only access to price visibility across nation butaccess to wealth of knowledge from databases to farm smarter. On top of that itprovides real time help from educators and consular to foster growth and adddiversity to their crop type based on soil and weather conditions.

Market Galee believesthat given the proper tool, next generation farmers will be face of change forfarming industry. With current efforts of Indian Government to create cashlesseconomy and high growth of Smartphone subscriptions, now is the perfect timefor the execution of digitalized agriculture trade in India.